hifi: #20666 "avatar with body and head" is to big in size
  • Creator: Richardus
  • Designer: Not funded
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The collision shape "avatar with body and head" is to big, avatars that use this package model cannot enter buildings with a scaled door entrance.

See also topic,

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  • 3 yrs, 8 mnths ago

    #20666 created by Richardus Status set to Suggestion.

  • 3 yrs, 8 mnths ago

    Richardus uploaded an attachment to #20666

  • Add , this is the same frame as i used on the forum in the picture So there's a reference. This doorframe have no collision shape included.
  • 3 yrs, 4 mnths ago

    #20666 updated by cozza13 Changes: Status set to Pass.

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