hifi: #21174 Make the Particle Emitter Easier to Use

The particle emitter is a very flexible and useful tool to make all kinds of particle effects.Unfortunately some of the UI makes it difficult to use, especially in HMD. These adjustments should dramatically increase efficacy of this tool.

Please see attached PDF for details.

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  • 1 yr, 2 mnths ago

    #21174 created by themelissabrown Status set to Bidding.

  • I'll place bid on this after scoping work tomorrow morning.
  • Unable to click on the Particle Entity in similar fashion to Box Entity. This is mentioned in the PDF. Decided to shrink the size of the selection, and managed to do so, however there appears to be no physical representation of the Particle Entity with which to interact with. Has this request been examined prior to becoming a requirement? Thanks in advance.
  • Email chain complete. Pass.
  • @themelissabrown instead of representing the particle emitter and redoign the bounding box, shouldn't particleEntities be represented with a overlay icon instead, as it is currently being done with ?
  • @Menithal I will get some answers to this
  • Yes, that is correct and this new code implements many of the changes on the attached PDF. The remaining work is to implement the last two tasks. Sorry for the confusion.
  • @Menithal would you like to bid on this?
  • @themelissabrown, not right now, but if it hasnt been bid to in a few weeks I might bid onto it.
  • @MrRoboman This would likely be a good fit for you if you're interested.
  • 1 yr ago

    A bid was placed on #21174

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    A bid was placed on #21174

  • 1 yr ago

    themelissabrown accepted 300.00 from andrewd440 on #21174 Status set to In Progress.

  • @andrewd440 I saw your notes on this somewhere but I can't find them now. You are correct that only the last two tasks need implemented. Feel free to ask questions here or on and we'll ber sure the get you the help you need.
  • @themelissabrown Thanks for the info. I just explored it a bit more. So just to be sure, the "Show the Particle Explorer Tab Whenever an Emitter Is Selected" and the "Make the Particle Explorer Tab Easier to Use in HMD" task is the only remaining items? While if vr, I do not seem to be able to select particle systems with the laser while in edit mode, but selection does work with the mouse. This is the same behavior I get with point lights, so I'm guess that is not part of this task?
  • 1 yr ago

    #21174 updated by andrewd440 Branch URL:

  • It looks like the JavaScript source for dat.gui is going to need to be modified to change the structure of the color picker. I may be wrong, since my JavaScript is extremely rusty, but it seems like the two options are to pull in the built non-minified js source for dat.gui and make changes there, or to pull in the full source, make changes, then build it.

    Just wondering what would be the preferred route for modifying this library.
  • @andrewd440 will find someone to investigate for you
  • In answer to yesterday's question, if you have the time to figure out and turn on 'select particle systems with the laser while in edit mode' in HMD, that would be very helpful. I'll also check with the writer of the spec to clarify.
  • @andrewd440 confirmed: Make the Particle Emitter Selectable by Clicking/Lasering on It task is still needed. Point Lights behavior should remain as is. Should have an answer to today's question shortly.
  • Hey @andrewd440! I'm confused about why the "dat.gui" library needs to be modified. Is there a reason you can't simply pull in the current color picker that exists within the Entity Properties Menu?
  • With the color picker used in dat.gui, the structure of the picker is created all within the library as a specific Controller type that is not open for customizing. The picker in the Entity Properties Menu is from the colpick.js library.

    But from looking over it again, I may be able to add elements to the dat.gui color picker manually without changing the library since that object is returned when we create the picker.
  • 12 mnths, 4 days ago

    #21174 updated by andrewd440 Changes: Status set to QA Ready.

  • 12 mnths, 4 days ago

    #21174 updated by andrewd440 Changes: Status set to In Progress.

  • 12 mnths, 4 days ago

    #21174 updated by andrewd440 Changes: Status set to QA Ready.

  • Everything should be good to go into QA. Though, I wanted to note that the code to allow values to be pulled beyond the particle explorer menu while in the HMD was already there. There is still a usability concern, since the tablet uses touch events, the menu will scroll when trying to drag the values.
  • Hi @andrewd440 I see you've moved this to QA ready, but I'm not immediately seeing the PR. Can you link it here and I'll get the job moving through the system?
  • @themelissabrown Sorry about that, I thought the pull request can after QA, from reading the FAQ on workflow. But here is the pull request:
  • 12 mnths, 1 day ago

    #21174 updated by themelissabrown Changes: Status set to Done.

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