hifi-content: #21188 $10 Be part of virtual reality history by saving an avatar as an NPC

We are building a theater environment and you can be part of virtual reality history by saving your avatar as an NPC in Zaru. You can also choose an avatar from this list: Place your name in column B to claim that avatar.

Familiarize yourself with Recorder.JS and the process of saving HRF files to play back on avatars (PDF attached)

Schedule time here to visit the Zaru theater and make sure you’re ready for your time slot!
Instructions for accessing Zaru will be emailed to you. (If these times don't work, please email

Record yourself in the theater interacting with other High Fidelity guests - if you can tell who’s there and who’s an NPC!
Gather a few friends and schedule time to interact together!

Some ideas for recording in Zaru:
-Conversing with friends
-Meeting a stranger
-Talking about the performance (generically)
-Asking questions about the venue

Final recording should be G-rated, family friendly, and adhere to our terms of service, and be 20-30 seconds long.

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