hifi: #21200 $200 - Transfer from far-grab to near grab when close

Right now we have two kinds of 'grabs' the far-grab and the near-grab. The far-grab can be confusing because often your intent is to pull an object to yourself so that you can hold it. But a far-grabbed object does not move in the same way, so you can be confused as to which way you are holding it when close, and be unable to rotate or throw it.

Implement this change:

During a far grab, if the object is brought close enough to be near-grabbed, transfer from the far grab to a near grab. This will allow you, for example, to far grab a basketball, bring it to you, and then throw it normally.

At the start of the near-grab, play a haptic pulse, the same as happens when the hand passes into a grabbable object.

If the object is capable of being equipped, transfer from far-grab to an equipped state.

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