hifi: #21206 $200 - Far grab improvement to draw held entity toward yourself

When far grabbing, it is sometimes impossible to bring the grabbed object all the way to oneself, particularly if the grab is started from a point with the hand near your body, as opposed to outstretched toward the object. Improve this by trying the following:

When far grabbing, compute the distance between the grabbing hand and the vertical line through the avatar's hips... effectively the shortest distance between my hand and my backbone. When this distance becomes small (say less than 0.5m in RL sensor-space), begin continuously drawing the held object nearer to myself, at a rate inversely proportional to this distance. Inotherwards, each frame bring the object to a distance 0.99 * currentDistance, where the 0.99 is smaller as your hand gets closer to your body.

The sensation of this should be like 'reeling in' the object on a fishing pole... as your hand is close to your body, the object comes closer and closer as if being pulled in by a motor.

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