hifi: #21255 On Oculus Rift on/off, switch automatically to/from desktop mode

When I am wearing the HMD and I take it off, respond to that action by switching me into desktop mode. Similarly, if I am in desktop mode and put the Rift on, switch into VR mode.

For the oculus this is something like: You can register delegates for the HMDMounted and HMDUnmounted events through OVRManager.

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    #21255 created by PhilipRosedale Status set to Bidding.

  • OVRManager plus its HMDMounted and HMDUnmounted events are in the Unity 5.x Oculus SDK, not the PC SDK that Interface uses.

    In the PC SDK, you can poll using ovr_GetSessionStatus() to retrieve data that includes an HmdMounted boolean. But there isn't an event.

    In order to poll using ovr_GetSessionStatus(), you need to have created an Oculus session - which in the current Interface plugin code means you need to have activated the Oculus plugin (i.e., be in HMD mode, not desktop mode). So it would be relatively straightforward to automatically switch from HMD mode to desktop mode, but not vice versa.

    To automatically switch from desktop to HMD you'd need the Oculus plugin to be in a "standby" mode with the Oculus session created (and ovr_GetSessionStatus() being periodically polled) but the plugin not "activated" (i.e., not being used for display). Doing this should probably be passed by the display plugin guardians before implementing.
  • I think switching 'back' from HMD to desktop on removing the HMD would still be an improvement for Rift users (myself included).
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  • @OmegaHeron test report on our PR (

    QA Fail - there's a failure case here which may not have been considered.
    HMD on
    Open Tablet
    Click Desktop (switch to desktop mode)
    You remain in HMD mode.

    This needs to honor tablet/hud switch to desktop mode selector.

    @themelissabrown @PhilipRosedale
    Actually we do allow user to be switched from HMD to Desktop with above steps, but as soon as user lands into Desktop mode, in the background we are continuously checking that HMD is worn or not? since its worn in this case, we immediately auto-switch user to HMD mode again. Thus it feels like "You remain in HMD mode".

    Let us know, do we needs to "honor tablet/hud switch to desktop mode selector" ?
  • Just to be clear - QA fail I registered is complex. Code for PR works, likely, exactly as intended and seems bug free for its specific purpose.

    But, what results with this addition is two methods of HMD/Desktop toggle that are not in sync with one another. This likely falls into design decision territory -- i.e. adopt this method of HMD/Desktop toggle and remove existing? Make this work with existing toggle methods? Something else? At best it looks wrong in desktop mode when HUD indicates switch to Desktop mode when it's already in Desktop mode vs what it should show -- switch to VR mode. At worst you hit button on HUD and switch to a really weird state where you're in desktop mode but rendering in HMD mode. There's likely a lot of demons in that and needs some thought before proceeding.
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    #21255 updated by themelissabrown Changes: Status set to Done.

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