hifi: #21291 Create a Random Number Picker

Use entity server scripts to create a random number picker which can be utilized for other games and content.
Start with dice from the marketplace gaming table

examples of other games which might use it:

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  • Just to be clear, I don't necessarily need all of these created. The examples are just to help you as a developer understand use cases so it informs code design.
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  • Is this a server-side script, so that multiple players can be sent a random value that is definitely generated on the server (so no cheating)?
  • the library in this is written that it can be used either server or interface side. the numberServer.js is meant for an entity server script. it stores an active game based of the requesting objects UUID and can serve as the server for multiple games at once as each requesting object gets its own Instance created. - as for not cheating, it may not be possible to tamper with the number generation at this point. however, its still possible to tamper with it in delivery as i know of no way to guarantee the message came from the server entity. to do that I wold think i would need both the object uuid, and from that get the object creators uuid.
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