hifi: #21318 $300 - Store prior choices for avatar model file in settings

When I got to settings->Avatar, make the entry field for my avatar model file a list that contains other recent entries I've used. Simply store these entries on the local machine, where we have other settings.

This will provide an easy way to try out a marketplace avatar and then switch back to my usual one, for example.

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  • "make the entry field for my avatar model file a list that contains other recent entries I've used"

    This sounds like a description for an editable combobox.
    I not aware if there's a preference for with a combobox that allows editing the field.I could suggest a button next to the others that says Recent Avatars and uses a combobox preference as an alternative.

    When constructing the list is it acceptable to use the full url, or would something more sophisticated be preferable?
  • From the team:
    "we are trying to somehow involve the existing ComboBoxPreference class in place of AvatarPreference. We tried a few changes, but right now this is what is happening:
    We get only the drop down without the 2 buttons
    We get all 3, but in this we always see 2 buttons + text field. Whenever we see the 2 buttons, we get it always with a text field and not drop down.

    So, we are trying to figure how to get the combination of 2 buttons with drop down."
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  • Status so far:
    On the UI front, we have replaced the "Features" text field with the dropdown. For this, we are using ComboBoxPreference class. Also, we have put "BROWSE AVATARS" and "BOOKMARK AVATAR" buttons using the ButtonPreference class.
    So, basically using combination of ComboBoxPreference and ButtonPreference in place of AvatarPreference
    But with this approach , we are facing other challenges as follows:
    1. On clicking "BROWSE AVATARS" button, we are able to open the market web view to select the Avatar. But on clicking the get button, the market web view does not close.
    2. Also, on clicking the "BOOKMARK AVATAR" button, we are able to open the "Bookmark Avatar" confirmation dialog, but on clicking the OK or CANCEL buttons of the confirmation dialog, the dialog does not close.
    So, presently working on these issues.

    After this, we will have to work on the actual functionality.
  • 11 mnths, 28 days ago

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