hifi: #21522 Modify the installer

Modify the installer to include options for different input plugins under Custom Install.
1. Remove {Kinect, Leap Motion, Neuron, SDL2, Sixense} plugins from our current installer.
2. When choosing "Custom Install" in the installer, in the "Choose Components" page, create a dropdown checkbox called Input Plugins with the following options: {Kinect, Leap Motion, Neuron, SDL2, Sixense}. Default all input plugins to "off".
3. If an input plugin is selected, the installer should automatically download and install the extra plugin during the installation process.

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  • 25 days, 7 hrs ago

    #21522 created by themelissabrown Status set to Bidding.

  • Regarding 3: I assume the installer would be pulling the plugins down from
    I'm not sure how the builds are distributed to the server though.
    It seems like the job would have to include uploading the plugins.
    Can anyone provide more information on how that part would be handled?
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