hifi: #21683 Light Sabers

Client script with a button that creates two light sabers in front of user. Each can be taken be a different person, like dueling pistols. When equipped, trigger activates/deactivates beam, along with appropriate sound.

When beams collide it makes a sound and also changes/weakens the color of both beams for 1/2 second. If beam collides with location of head when not in weakened state, a 'hit' sound is made.

Attractive models and animations.

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  • @themelissabrown Good evening! Sorry for the delayed response!

    Doing quite well, actually.The coding work is mostly done; just need to finalize the avatar collisions and beam v. beam detection, but otherwise all the other parts work.
    Modeling work will be the tricky part, but I already have a game plan for that and have already taken steps to make it easy to tweak and modify, both in design and in the code to operate it. In a nutshell, the blade will be an animated separate object (animated on/animated off). This means that later on down the road, the beam blades can be interchanged without requiring any massive recoding or heavy design changes.
    Sounds are also going to be interesting. I have the idle sounds done, but need to poke at getting the 'hit' sounds done.

    Overall, doing fairly well. I should have more direct progress soon and will keep you updated.
  • @FlameSoulis checking in on how this is going. Are you blocked on this?
  • Sorry for the long response. Effectively, the project highlighted a few pitfalls in the original design I had intended. For example, the object was to be in two parts, with the beam/blade as one component and the handle as the other. Unfortunately, this resulted in the discovery of a lack of model intersection checks (the blade was to be collisionless), and so I began to attempt writing a cube v cube intersection check. This ended up not being needed, as my concerns about having to physical objects hitting each other by two avatars had a threshold point where after a certain amount of force, the objects took positional priority based on the avatars' grab. From there, I went back to using standard collision.

    Sadly, this is where I started to run into other issues, namely the passing of collisions from child to parent. This is where I'm currently still exploring remote calls from object A to object B. I have no issues getting the entity IDs of the parent and child from either perspective, but still dabbling with calls I haven't used before.

    The final issue is that when I started the project, I thought I would have more time to devote to the project, and I'm coming to realize this isn't the case. I will still continue pushing forward with the project (and maybe get some actual commits done on the branch now that I've tamed the GitHub beasts). I do apologize for the extended development time and understand if the original bid has to be lowered.
  • @FlameSoulis If we made you a model that is a grip with a light beam as all one piece, would that be helpful?
  • @themelissabrown Yes and as per my previouis post, I completely understand if my bid is to be lowered as a result. I was doing it as two separate objects, but I guess I can attempt to figure out texture changes via entity properties. Otherwise, I have enough modeling knowledge to separate into two objects if needed. I do apologize for the delays this project has been.

    That being said, one thing I failed to ask: Where would you like the project to be created? As I can see the tree is linked to the hifi git, just want to make sure all project files are stored in the right location.
  • 6 mnths, 7 days ago

    #21683 updated by PhilipRosedale Changes: Status set to Pass.

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