hifi: #21696 Mac and Linux support for the Midi Class
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Currently, the Midi class only supports Windows.

The task is to add support for Mac and Linux to the current set of functionality.

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  • 1 yr, 3 mnths ago

    #21696 created by MiladNazeri Status set to Bidding.

  • @MiladNazeri Can this job be split into two with Linux and Mac implementations to be separate? This will help people who have access to just one of the systems to work on it :)
  • Hey, thinking about taking a look at this for a bid. Still doing some research, but, are there any requirements on the linux side for hooking into particular subsystems? i.e. JACK vs ALSA? (is anyone using OSS anymore)?

    ALSA is more standard underlying linux sound architecture that will be present without much fuss on most modern linux distros.

    JACK is a set of features that sits on top of ALSA that would provide more routing flexibility for High Fidelity power-user cases (i.e. someone using HiFi + linux + MIDI is probably somewhat sophisticated). However, it would require extra configuration just to get started so probably not something a 'regular' linux user would want to mess with if they were just hoping for a plug+play experience with their MIDI hardware.

    There is also a way to get ALSA midi data out into JACK via a2jmidid (I haven't used it but looks like a decent option), so that probably satisfies the player that will want to get HiFi MIDI data into JACK.

    TLDR: If the linux part of the bid was for to use just ALSA as the linux interface for midi, is that acceptable?
  • just checking in about this @MiladNazeri ? if we're not sure, I think doing it with just ALSA is probably the reasonable choice
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