hifi: #21726 Create a balloon dropper

User story: while dancing in Rust, attendees see a large container above the dance floor. When they click on it with their lasers or mice, it makes a small sound and adds a new balloon inside the walls of the container. At some point when there are enough balloons in the container, the container opens its bottom doors and all the balloons fall to the floor.

The script needs to be configurable so that we can easily move the balloon holder, change its size, change the number of balloons before the doors open. We need to be able to trigger a sound when someone clicks on the balloon holder when the doors open.

We need to be able to specify the models or primitives that will make the balloon, allow the size and color (for primitives) to be randomized.

When the balloons are being added to the holder, they should not be physical as to not be constantly colliding with each other and dragging users' performance down.

When the doors open the balloons should have gravity but not collision hulls so when they reach the floor they are not grabbed or batted around which might drag the performance of the domain down.

The lifetime of the balloons should be configurable so that we don't have a lot of garbage that needs to be cleaned up.

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