hifi: #21781 Experiment: Wrist-button for 3P view in HMD

Give me a client script that lets me switch in and out of 3P view easily when wearing an HMD:

If I look at my wrist, I see a sphere where a watch face would be. If I hold my hand within a 1/2 meter of my camera and touch the sphere (tip of index finger gets within radius of sphere) I switch to 3P view. In 3P view the sphere is still there, and if I tpuch it again I switch back to 1P.

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  • Where do you want this put? On the github branch or the marketplace or? @PhilipRosedale
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  • Also, to use, put wrist up towards you like a watch, red ball should appear, laser the red ball, you should go into third person, ball is now green, laser ball again and you should be in first person and the ball should be red again
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