hifi: #21824 Implement a 'Cards Against Reality' game

Cards Against Humanity is distributed under a Creative Commons license.

We want to implement a Cards Against Humanity implementation in High Fidelity called Cards Against Reality. It should have sufficient game logic to help manage the roles of players and Card Czar with a fixed card display in-world.

It should be a semi-automated system to allow 6 people to play Cards Against Humanity with the basic rules below, without having to handle cards with their hands:

* Hexagonal table max 6 players.
* Detection of who is standing at each side.
* A display console at each side with 10 card-sized screens (2 5-card rows)
* Each card screen shows a card dealt by the Card Czar
* Each card screen content consists of a private 3d overlay fixed in that spot.
* Player can touch or click on one of the 10 screens to choose & submit card
* Display console has a button called "Restart game" which starts over
* Person who restarts game becomes new Card Czar
* Card Czar gets a "Deal cards" button to show 10 cards on each player's console.
* There is only one of each card at the same time
* The display console for the Card Czar shows the "Fill in the Blank" card on screen 1
* The other 5 card screens on the Card Czar display shows each player's submission
* The Card Czar selects the winner by clicking/touching the card screen
* The winner's name is displayed with particle effects and sound
* Pressing a button plays sound effect

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