hifi: #21846 Make an interactive music sequencer inspired by Electroplankton Luminaria for High Fidelity

Make an in-world music sequencer similar to Electroplankton's Luminaria. Arrows need to be interactive in-world. Should work as a wall or tabletop game. Should not be a web entity. Must provide code and sounds. May take liberties or simplify the visual effects.

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  • 2 mnths, 7 days ago

    #21846 created by pippilina Status set to Bidding.

  • arrows should be 3D models and rotateable, snapping in increments of 90 degrees, by hand controller grab and twist, or by incremental snaps of +90 degrees triggered by a click of the mouse...
  • 2 mnths, 7 days ago

    #21846 updated by pippilina Changes: Summary changed. Notes changed.

  • Reminds me last year when I added #menithals magnetic block script to my launchpad buttons. I could rip them off my virtual lauchpad and attach them together. I had them trigger on enter and I could run down them playing a tune on my synth.
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