hifi: #21847 Make midi control surface for DJs

Create a midi-out control surface that a DJ can use in-world, with two spinning turntable jog wheels, fade slider, and a couple of sliders and buttons which can be assigned to drive arbitrary midi data. Should create clean and proper MIDI data which can be used to drive common DJ software

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  • Hello! I am not a coder of any sort, just a random web surfer/DJ/audio engineer who is very interested in VR music venues. Making the process of connecting a DJ’s equipment to the venue as convenient as possible is most important. Both Traktor programs and Serato are widely popular softwares for DJs, and use digital hardware mixers that send out midi info in real time containing filter processing, EQ, and beat matching information. I think it would be inappropriate for there to be two spinning jog wheels, as no one really “spins records” anymore. It’s all digital. DJs store their music as .wav files, .mp3, and .aiff files. Most professionals simply carry around a USB to plug in to Pioneer CDj 2000s, connected through Ethernet sharing information such as BPM, cues, song names, playlists, etc, but that gear is usually only afforded by real clubs. The majority of people in their own homes would be using either a Traktor or Serato board connected to their own computer, so it’d be of interest to integrate with those companies. I hope any of this information is useful in any way. I see huge potential in the concept of this. Eventually booking more known DJs to play, larger venues, (without the risks of security bathrooms), or even for now making it so users can plug their own playlists of mp3s and sort “plug in and play” without owning their own equipment.
    If there is any way I can get involved or if any more information is requested let me know. Shouts out!
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