hifi: #21864 Implement a "LOLCat" game

LOLCat game design spec


A multiplayer game where players create a piece of text to accompany a given LOLCat image. The group decides which is best/funniest and a point goes to the person who authored it.

The pieces

A table in a hexagon. Each side holds one player.
Six consoles. One for each player
Each console has:

A screen for displaying a randomly chosen LOLCat and displaying answers
A text input box
A submit answer button
A reset game button.


A person walks up to a console and presses the Start Game button if a game is not in progress
That person is identified as “Player 1” thru “Player 6” depending on the console they stand at
The game logic randomly gets a LOLCat image from the internet
The LOLCat image appears on the each console’s screen
A 30 second timer starts counting down.
Players have 30s to type a clever piece of text into the text input box
Player presses Submit Answer button
After timeout or all players have submitted an answer, the screen switches to display answers
Each answer appears in random order and is functionally like a button
Each player who pressed Submit Answer can now vote on their favorite by clicking the answer
The winning answer is highlighted and the losing ones are grayed out
The screen displays the points “Player 1: 10 points. Player 2: 5 points” etc etc
Game logic repeats the cycle

If nobody is standing at the 6 sides of the table after 30 seconds, it resets the game and goes into “attract” mode, showing fun and flashy screens of LOLCats

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