hifi: #21865 $200 - Photogrammetry scan of 'Fearless Girl' from Wall Street

Conduct a photogrammetric 3D scan of the 'Fearless Girl' sculpture at coordinates 40.705632°N 74.013392°W in Manhattan

Results should be a high-quality FBX/OBJ mesh with detailed surface textures of no less that one pixel per square millimeter on the surface. Surrounding brick captured sufficient to include the title block on the ground nearby.

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  • 9 mnths, 21 days ago

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  • @PhilipRosedale I have a feeling that this is impractical. The sculpture has a rather reflective finish. This makes extracting a surface model nearly impossible without first making the surface of the object non-reflective. This is probably more suitable to a physical point scan or laser scan.
  • this sounds like a fun challenge
  • @PhilipRosedale I agree with @Nex-Pro . Having done some work in photogrammetry this kind surface is quite difficult to photograph. in the ideal , one would have to powder coat the statue in order to provide the level of detail in the request. Also a laser scan would also not work as the laser scanner has similar requirements ( the laser needs to be able to return to the emitter. Your best bet is to have someone make you a 3d model from scratch.

    You can get it to work but you wont get the millimeter level of detail requested.
  • easily said and done just a figment of what i can perform
  • 4 mnths, 25 days ago

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