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Senior "go-to" coder whose jquery skills are second to none. Vincent is an excellent troubleshooter and a precise coder. Thorough code reviewer for others, and is good at making suggestions to improve our overall code base. Also good reviewing code for larger jobs. Vincent is now doing excellent work on our Android app project and I would recommend him for any jobs for these types of projects. Strong confidence in his coding skills and will defend his viewpoint regarding implementation fiercely if he thinks the alternative is not the right approach. Good resource for discussing through finer points of larger jobs to get a good coder perspective. Vincent has stepped up to code larger, critical projects and is an ideal choice for priority tasks and time sensitive work.
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I've learned a lot from studying and building upon vincent's code when reusing it in different parts of an application. He implements robust systems and functions that take into account current and future requirements. Vincent is always happy to lend a hand.
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Vincent is fast, very strong with jQuery, and enjoyable to talk through design with. He is willing to iterate to get details correct. He is on-time with his work. He can contribute to design and architecture. He can easily handle databases and complex logic. He is more a 'guts' than a 'UI' guy.
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Consistently helpful, responsive, competent and friendly. Vincent cares about good code and good product alike! His weakness is UI, or any visual detail, but he's always making efforts to improve.
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Vincent is a great resource, he always has an opinion and provides valuable input. He considers a wide-scope logic on his solutions, and questions whenever he thinks that "wide" perspective may not have been considered in an implementation.
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Awesome jquery knowledge. I am learning alot from him. Very cooperative, helpful. Excellent attitude. Vincent rocks !!!
From a user involved in 100+ Worklist jobs ...
Very high quality work. Thought through unintended consequences of design specs and suggested/implemented good solutions. Caught other out-of-scope bugs along the way and fixed them. Great guy to work with.


An engineer, that is really happy to write less and do more using jQuery.

Contact info: email:, skype: dominique.vincent10

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