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Marco is one of our senior coders and has worked on many aspects of our system, as well as numerous external projects in the Worklist. He makes an effort to code in consideration of the total app, offering up alternatives for items that he thinks may cause problems for the task at hand. He is active in looking for potential security issues and bugs in our code and makes many job suggestions for improvement. He also is ready to assist other coders and offer suggestions when needed. Reliable code-wise, but there are periods when he over-commits and does not deliver code in expected time, so Runner should check in regularly for time sensitive jobs. Overall a good coder choice.
From a user involved in 1000+ Worklist jobs ...
Great skills, fun person to work with and talk to. Good back/front end combo, UI skills as well. Can over-commit himself and get behind. Double check with him if you have something with a hard end date you need.
From a user involved in 1000+ Worklist jobs ...
Marco is good at asking clarifying questions prior to starting work. For small bug fixes he is extremely fast and does a good job of predicting time to completion. He is often welcoming and helpful in the Journal. For tasks that are of medium/large size/complexity, he has either been consistently poor at estimating the amount of time it will take him to complete the job or underestimates his availability so the task is delivered late.
From a user involved in 100+ Worklist jobs ...
Marco's process doesn't work for me. While he has been involved in our community for a while, knows are processes well, and continues to contribute and ultimately follow through, he tends to over promise and under deliver. Friendliness and laid-back demeanor don't make up for asking for functionals prematurely, or a lack of attention to detail. Overall, a great guy, but not a go-to developer for me.
From a user involved in 100+ Worklist jobs ...
Multi-skilled and great person to work with, love his notes and advices
From a user involved in 100+ Worklist jobs ...
Marco is a competent developer who can handle a wide of tasks dealing with PHP and JavaScript. He does not always have a strong eye for detail which requires that some jobs go through review several times.


Master rower and wannabe photographer.



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