Villa Maria AR

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3:50 PM

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7 yrs

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Love received
quick fixing on the budget granting bug
from problem Jan 07, 2015
huge improvements to Worklist search
from problem Dec 12, 2014
all your help!
from joanneci Dec 04, 2014
From a user involved in 1000+ Worklist jobs ...
Kordero is a competent coder and has done well for me with small to medium size jobs. He stays on task, offers some good ideas when there are issues and is pretty quick in response to clarification or change of direction for a job direction. Kordero is a good contributor to Chat discussions and is always offering suggestions to other coders that are looking for some assistance with their jobs.
From a user involved in 1000+ Worklist jobs ...
Nice work for me adding google URL shortener to our text messaging system for worklist. Would definitely use again!
From a user involved in 100+ Worklist jobs ...
Lucas has become our most valuable contributor to the Worklist project. He has lead the development of some of our biggest changes and features. His understanding of complicated systems and his ability to simultaneously take on many large tasks is invaluable. His help on the hifi-web project is also worth recognizing. Although a pattern of inaccurate deadline estimations continues, the bottom line remains: his talents are sought after, and he'll always deliver.
From a user involved in 10+ Worklist jobs ...
I enjoy working work kordero. Competent. Very capable of doing small to mid sized projects, and does well with work of increasing complexity. Can handle simple text changes as well as adding functional elements like buttons or links, based of created SQL queries. Never need to go back-and-forth during functional - always hits it right on the first time! :)


I like coding web applications, improve security and troubleshooting. I love to play music and enjoy life.

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Ubuntu, Debian, OSX

Contact info: skype: k0rder, email: kordero at gmail dot com

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