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Worthy of a chicken dinner anytime.
from Nex-Pro Feb 06, 2018
He's a great person, one of the nicest I've known. Several of us have discussed the possibility of adopting Thoys but we realised it was better to let the whole world share his Thoysness.
from Nex-Pro Sep 05, 2015
windows development expertise
from problem Jan 27, 2015
debugging / memory problem solved
from problem Jan 08, 2015
great work on getting places via HMD
from problem Jan 07, 2015
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From a user involved in 100+ Worklist jobs ...
Thoys is one of our most valuable contributors to the Hifi project both in terms of coding ability and participation as a community member. Helpful, responsive, committed to the vision of open source VR, and a wonderful developer -- an indispensable guy.
From a user involved in 10+ Worklist jobs ...
Thoys is both a friend and a mentor. His wide ranging skill-set and flexible approach is inspirational.
From a user involved in 1+ Worklist jobs ...
Great job on the frisbee script!


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Windows 7 Ultimate

Intel i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780

Contact info: skype: thoysg

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